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Our team

Our proven methodology is based on years of research and experience, serving B2B companies like yours.

Why work with us?

Prequalified meetings

Innovative solution that provides impactful meetings with prospects ready to listen to your reps

Scalable lead generation engine

We have transformed outbound email prospection into a scalable lead generation engine, with automated framework across products and services.

Our leading team

Vadim Rohach

Automation & Optimization

Years of research and experience led to the creation of the Prospectr methodology. Vadim is the master brain that ensures Prospectr work for you

Tjel Breeur

Business & Operations

Every business needs an operational hero. Tjel makes sure Prospectr runs smoothly, so you can focus on your own business.

Ramses Bossuyt


With 10 years of experience in B2B SaaS, he’s our advisor supporting us to become the leading outbound lead generation provider in Europe.

Let’s chat

Do you want to transform your business development, the Prospectr way? Book a discovery call to see how we build your business development into a scalable lead generation engine that provides pre-qualified meetings for your business development team.

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