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Less time sourcing, more time closing

We provide warm leads through a tailored process, for sales leaders who need Sales Qualified Leads at scale. From pinpointing untapped market opportunities to optimizing customer engagement, our multidisciplinary approach ensures that our partners not only meet but exceed their growth objectives.


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Why us

Prospectr does it differently.


  • Scalability
    No limit (1- 90k per month)
  • Expertise
    5+ years
  • Tailor made
    Proprietary tech & dashboard
  • Time to get results
    Reach thousands within days

Cold calling

  • Scalability
  • Expertise
    Irrelevant due to lack of scale
  • personalisation
    Usually scripted or generic
  • Time to get results
    varies from days to months

Generic Cold Email

  • Scalability
    300-1000 contacts /mo
  • Expertise
    Subpar ratio's
  • personalisation
    Generic AI personalization
  • Time to get results
    First meetings after 2-3 weeks
  1. Step 1

    Intake & configuration

    We analyze your Ideal Customer Profile and tailor compelling narratives and ensure a degree of qualification before booking the call with you.

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  2. Step 2

    Technical setup

    Next, we set up everything necessary to reach your ICP in a consistent way. From the backend tech to our proprietary dashboard where you can find all incoming leads and manage them with your sales team. We reach out to your ICP on your behalf every month to ensure a fast and qualitative market penetration.

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  3. Step 3

    Reporting, Adjustments & Analysis

    While your campaigns are running, we provide market insights, reporting on all relevant data, book relevant meetings with your SDR or Business Developer(s) and adjust the campaigns to constantly optimize and analyze for future success.

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  4. Step 4


    Once the campaign is finished you receive a report of the accumulated results and can freely close the interested prospects, retain an overview of MQL leads and fill your CRM.

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