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How we helped Collectief realizing 7x their outreach in 45 days

12 Feb. 2024

In the dynamic realm of startups, Collectief faced a pivotal moment. Struggling to initiate meaningful conversations and establish contacts in their immediate ecosystem, they enlisted the expertise of Prospectr. Our mission: to swiftly cultivate new connections with a tangible interest in their services.

  • Service
    Outbound Client Acquisition
  • Goal
    Grow pipeline in 1-2 months
  • Results
    84 Marketing Qualified Leads
    24 Meetings


By implementing our proven Outbound Client Acquisition system, we helped Collectief create a sustainable sales method focusing on new partnerships.

  • We built an extensive customized list of decision makers for Collectief
  • We wrote all the communication and personalization to those decision-makers
  • We set up the technical systems, managed all the incoming communication and collected the data
  • All data was made available for the sales rep in a user-friendly dashboard
  • We provided additional support & data to follow up or close the leads that were on the fence.
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Our collaboration provided +80 warm contacts for Collectief by creating a customized outbound acquisition outreach. The sales force behind Collectief converted these leads into 28 marketing qualified leads, followed by +10 concrete meetings and multiple follow-up meetings.

For 2024, Collectief will implement Prospectr’s outbound client acquisition method into their business development team to create a continuously filled pipeline.