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How we helped Arinti reaching out to new markets & industries

12 Feb. 2024

Arinti is a Belgium based Data & AI specialist with partnerships in industries as production, government, etc. Their goal was to gain brand awareness in the industry of production & manufacturing with their recent success cases. During the collaboration with Arinti, we helped them gain relevant market insights within their chosen industry of manufacturing & production.

  • Service
    Outbound Client Aquisition
  • Goal
    Market research
  • Results
    64 Marketing qualified leads
    14 Sales qualified leads


By implementing our proven Outbound Client Acquisition system, we were able to help Arinti gain relevant insights in the chosen markets by providing meetings with leading production & manufacturing companies in Belgium & the Netherlands.

  • We did an extensive market research to identify their ideal customer profile
  • We built an extensive list of contacts for the focusing market (BENE)
  • We created a personalized communication plan for the specific market
  • We set up the technical systems, managed all the incoming communication and collected the data
  • All data was made available for the sales team in a user friendly dashboard
  • We provided additional support & data to follow-up or close the leads that were on the fence
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Our collaboration provided 64 warm contacts, +30 marketing qualified leads & +10 meetings. Besides these achievements, Arinti gained valuable insights in both targeted markets (Belgium & the Netherlands). This led to multiple tangible projects.