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How we support the business development of Hyperion Group permanently

12 Feb. 2024

Hyperion Group is an eco-system of hyper-focused experts that are able to sync up and create solutions that evolve with the needs and growth of their clients. With the tagline We sync your now to what’s next”, they aim to be the long-term partner for all companies that seek innovation and expertise.

As a diverse group of companies and expertise, Hyperion wanted to boost lead generation for a variety of brands, domains and expertises. To manage this permanently, at scale but with limited human resources, they called on Prospectr to manage this on their behalf.

  • Service
    Outbound Client Aquisition
  • Goal
    Pipeline generation
  • Results
    600+ marketing qualified leads
    130+ meetings

Our approach

Through the proven Prospectr methodology, we supported Hyperion’s brands in running their prospection campaigns so the sales teams only had to free up their agenda and talk to the decision makers at companies that want to hear their story.

  • We did an extensive market research to identify their ideal customer profile
  • We built an extensive list of contacts for the focus market
  • We created a personalized communication plan for the specific ICP
  • We set up the technical systems, managed all the incoming communication and collected the data
  • All data was made available for the sales team in a user friendly dashboard
  • We provided additional support & data to follow-up or close the leads that were on the fence


Our collaboration resulted in a full year of outreach for the Hyperion group for more than 20 of their brands. This generated a 700% increase in reach, stunning volume of +600 leads, over 130 meetings and landed the strategic objective of international expansion