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Supporting a branding agency with business development

12 Feb. 2024

Mirror Mirror is a cutting-edge, leading Belgian branding agency based in Antwerp. Having created award-winning branding strategies for leading brands like Studio Brussel, The Belgian Footbal Association or the Pro League, Mirror Mirror wanted to capitalize on those success stories and take the momentum to expand their client portfolio.

  • Service
    Outbound Client Aquisition
  • Goal
    Pipeline generation
  • Results
    31 leads
    15 meetings

Our approach

  • We did an extensive market research to identify their ideal customer profile
  • We built an extensive list of contacts for the focusing market
  • We created a personalized communication plan with the client for the specific market 
  • We set up the technical systems, managed all the incoming communication and collected the data
  • All data was made available for the Mirror Mirror team in a user friendly dashboard
  • We provided additional support & data to follow-up or close the leads that were on the fence


We supported Mirror Mirror with a 6‑weeks outreach campaign. The proven Prospectr methodology realized 31 leads and more than 15 sales meetings that have been booked. This resulted in 2 deals.