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How we differ

unmatched perspicacity


  • Scalability
    No limit (1- 90k per month)
  • Expertise
    5+ years
  • Tailor made
    Proprietary tech & dashboard
  • Time to get results
    Reach thousands within days

Generic Cold Email

  • Scalability
    300-1000 contacts /mo
  • Expertise
    Subpar ratio's
  • personalisation
    Generic AI personalization
  • Time to get results
    First meetings after 2-3 weeks

Cold calling

  • Scalability
  • Expertise
    Irrelevant due to lack of scale
  • personalisation
    Usually scripted or generic
  • Time to get results
    varies from days to months
Prospectr provided a solution to continuously fill our pipeline with meetings with relevant prospects. This allowed us to create a rapid growth trajectory, crucial for your business.

Joyce Strockx

Co-founder, Collectief

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